PM Radio, your afternoon dispatch of rock and lit news

Lunch with Tom Stoppard

“The main misapprehension people have is that a play is the end product of an idea, when the idea is the end product of the play.”

“If The Shoe Don’t Fit”: a gem among Rare Pearls

This August 28th will see the release of Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls, a two-disc box set of early Jackson 5 recordings, including “If The Shoe Don’t Fit,” which NPR Music editor Stephen Thompson believes, “could have easily wound up topping the charts alongside ‘I Want You Back’ and ‘The Love you Save’.”

China Miéville urges writers to get “ready for guerilla editors” of the future

During a heated debate at the Edinburgh international book festival, author China Miéville shared his vision for the future of the book, describing a literary landscape in which writers get salaried like “skilled workers,” and novels are remixed and traded like pop songs.

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